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Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack 2022

KIM KARDASHIAN HOLLYWOOD game is one of the most amazing games ever. You might have never seen a Hollywood game like this before. Who doesn’t want to gain fans if you’re going to become an A-list celebrity? Going on a dates

But it’s very hard to play since we need a lot of K-stars and cash. We need to pay a lot of money to EA PUBLISHER TEAMS for buying K-stars and cash which sucks But don’t worry, you have come to the right place at the right time. We the developer team have now successfully created a cheat that works for both Android and Ios (2022 november Updated)

Perhaps we do not need to argue too much about this amazing game as it is rated as one of the most played games till today. First launched on June 27, 2014. Kim Kardashian Hollywood game was the only game in the top ten to have a five-star rating.

However, The Kim Kardashian resources provided by EA publisher have to pay to use. This may not be a problem for some people, but others just want to experience it but don;t have enough money. Do not worry because the KIM Kardashian Hollywood hack that we introduce to you is one of the rarest hack of all time.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack 2022 Updated UNLIMITED K-STARS AND CASH ( ANDROID/IOS)


  1. GS says

    It’s a effing cash grab and a scam do not use it won’t give u anything after u pay money 🙄

  2. latestmodapks says

    This is so cool! I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. Angel says

    i really thought this wouldn’t work, yet i gave it a shot! boom it worked for real.

  4. Marie says

    I completed the instructions, including 1 offer, and yet the “password” link did not work and did not provide an activation code

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