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Pokemon Unite Beta Download(android/iOS) 2020 JUNE

The Pokémon Company on Wednesday announced “Pokémon Unite,” a new game for the Nintendo Switch and mobile. And “Pokémon Café Mix” arrives on the Nintendo Switch and mobile Wednesday.
For fans of Pokémon, “Pokémon Unite” might lead the way towards more multiplayer experiences. Traditionally on console and mobile, Pokémon games allow you to trade with other players but your ability to interact with them is limited. Nintendo’s multiplayer experience requires an additional subscription and sometimes connecting can be slow and bumpy.

Pokemon Unite Beta

The scenery, the way Pokémons’ health points are depicted, and even the skills they use are arranged on the screen in a way that will be familiar to mobile fans.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a five-versus-five teamfight that’s free to play and offers Nintendo Switch gamers a chance to play alongside mobile users.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Meanwhile, “Pokémon Café Mix,” a puzzle game that’s free to start but contains in-game purchases, launched on the Switch and mobile.
In this game, players solve puzzles to “cook” and serve Pokémon cafe drinks and dishes. Nintendo (NTDOF) is also running a promotion within the game: if players log on for five days in a row, they can unlock a Pikachu as a staff member in the cafe.
There’s also some cross promotion of Pokémon video games: Scorbunny, a starter Pokémon from the “Pokémon Sword” and “Shield” games, appears as a customer within “Café Mix” from July 1 to July 15 and can also be recruited as staff.
Just a week ago, Nintendo announced two other Pokémon games. “Pokémon Snap,” the simple yet addicting game where you take pictures of the adorable pocket monsters, is coming to Nintendo Switch with no release date.
The second, a mobile app called “Pokémon Smile,” was released last week and is about brushing teeth to defeat cavity-causing bacteria shown in the game. Like its successful predecessor “Pokémon Go,” it uses augmented reality.

Pokemon Unite was successfully annouced on 2020 june 24th by Nintendo team, Since the full version is not released yet, you can still download and play pokemon unite beta for free.Click on “download now” button to get free Beta for pokemon unite.


  • Click on “download now ” button
  • Since there are two files (apk/ios) attached, you need to download both files.
  • Once you have downloaded Both files, you can now delete any one files ( example: if you’re from ios, then you can keep IOS file and delete APK file and if you’re playing from android you can remove iOS file)
  • Open the file and install in your device.
  • Now you can play it on your device, however it’s a BETA release so you cant connect with your friends ie. mobile and switch. but you can still play online from the same device with others.
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