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SIMS FREE PLAY game is one of the most amazing and wonderful game ever.Creating our own house, city, making babies and many more, who doesn’t like this game ? But it’s very hard to play since we need a lot of LP and Simoleons, we need to pay alot of money to EA PUBLISHER TEAMS for buying LP and simoleons which sucks, But don’t worry, you have come to the right place, at the right time. We the developer team has now successfully created a cheats which works for both Andriod and iOS. (2021 January UPDATED)

Perhaps we do not need to argue too much about The Sims, the life simulation game rated as the best ever. First launched in February 4, 2000, up to the present time, The Sims has had 19 birthdays and 4 different versions throughout the journey.

However, The Sims products provided by the EA publisher have to pay to use. This may not be a problem for some people, but others just want to experience but donโ€™t have enough money? Do not worry, because The Sims FreePlay that we introduce to you is one of the rarest Cheats of this game.


Sims FreePlay Cheats 2021 January Updated


It’s very simple and easy to use, Please read the guide mentioned below.

  • YOU need to click on ” Get resources” button below.
  • After that, you will be forwarded to our other page.
  • Now, that you have move to the next page, Click on “Get started” button.
  • Now you are required to put your sims account user name or your game center user id where your game is connected with.
  • AFTER that, please input how many LP and Simoleons you want.( we recommend you to go for 80000 for each resources)
  • click on “activate hack” button, the sims mobile injection is now ready to activate the hack.
  • Once you have activated the hack, all you need to do is , restart your game and enjoy the free LP and simoleons ( but sometimes due to the full server, we may need to restart the phone as well , but please be patient while entering any details)
  • Please, leave us a thankyou note once you have successfully used our tool.
  1. John says

    WOOW, i can’t believe this actually worked for me, dyamn, thankyou soo much for this amazing share.
    i literally got so many LP and Simoleons.

  2. Alex says

    JESUS LORD !! i thought this was a scam ?? but dyamn, i was so wrong, i love you for this amazing working cheat. i wish i could attached my screenshot here and make people jealous hehe.

  3. Jennifer j . jones says

    Am i dreaming rn ? myan you’re awesome, i just loads and loads of LP and Simoleons just in 3 minutes .. really thanks a lot for sharing this hack.

  4. samantha R.Bagget says

    are you kidding me ?? all i did was just clicked on that button, followed the given instruction and boom my account was full with 80000 lp and simoleons. just wow and wow.

  5. Tony c.chester says

    at first i was like : O_O
    are these comments really genuine ? and i thought to give it a try, well, i don’t know how to thank you,
    i am using it daily from now on and sharing it with my friends. feels like i am the richest girl in sims free play . thanks once again, it worked charm for me.

  6. robin says

    all i ever did was just complete a simple task and it got unlocked, and when i open my game , fuck i was shocked for a moment when i saw millions of simoleons and LP .

  7. Theo randal says

    never would have imagine this would work , i am shock right now honestly. got tons of lp and simoleons.

  8. julia says

    thanks for the lp and simoleons, it worked perfect for me, been looking for this the whole time
    once again thankyou so much.

  9. kristiva says

    are you freaking serious dude ?????
    this is the freaking entire working hack of all time i love you tonssssssss and tonnssss, you made my day honestly !! thankyou so much miliions of LP and Simoleons !!

  10. Rebecka T.huston says

    At first i thought all these comments were fake af -.-”
    but i gave it a shot watching these comments now i am soo damn proud and sooo lucky i got this cheat !!! and now i am wondering why all these people were shouting here haha, getting lots of LP and simoleons in an instant and who doesn’t shout ??? thankyou buddy!

  11. Lucy says

    No doubt it’s the bestest of all cheats, worked perfect for me as well . thankyou tons !!!

  12. heroturner says

    best hack everrrrr in the world !!!!
    love you infinity for this awesome hack i got lots and lots of LP and simoleons in an instant !!

  13. Cassandra says

    holy shit ! it actually worked. just wow and wow dudeeee, you’re freaking hilarious !! i got so many lp and simoleons.

  14. devina says

    wait, i enter my username, my postal zip code, and email so far, and without doing anything i just my LP and simoleons. honestly i can’t even believe this is working for me. just loved your hack !

  15. hailey says

    best cheat ever, i didin’t get banned, neither i got any bug, i am soo rich now, just got loads and loads of LP and simoleons !!

  16. issu says

    yep, there ain’t no doubt, this works perfect for me and my sister. hehe thankyou so much.

  17. jonathan says

    thanks for the hack. this made my day.

  18. Arthur J says

    best cheat i have ever found myan… i have been searching for this hack the whole time !!!!
    it’s 2020 now i am finally getting this hack .love you tonsl.

  19. andi says

    seriously mannnnn , you don’t know how freaking happy i am at the moment, this is the best hack tool ever in my life. just wow and wow, i am sharing this with my friend now.

  20. lyra says

    i came here from youtube, i wasn’t sure at first that it would work .. but i read every comments and thought lets give it a try, it really was worth it, i am literally soo much rich in sims freeplay now, i can build my dream city ๐Ÿ˜› thankyou so much for this amazing hack.

  21. synthya says

    HOLY SHIT !! bestest of all hack , it works sooo charmly ! thankyou so much mite !!!

  22. Hailey says

    it seems like everyone is soo active on this website, i used this hack for the first time after reading all those comments,just boom, got lots of lp and simoleons just in 5 minutes ! well honestly, waiting for 5 minutes was like soo damn hard ๐Ÿ˜€ anyway, thanks for this wonderful hack, it worked perfect for me . !

  23. alexa says

    HOLY SHIT !! are you kidding me ?? DAMN… this is literally sooo insane hack, this actually worked , i just can’t wait to share it with my friends.i got 100000 Lp and simoleons. feels like i am dreaming even now.. just love ya tons .

  24. leeza says

    thought this was totally a scam, but i was so wrong about this , i just got millions and millions of lp and simoleons. I just lOVED IT!! you provided me the working hack of all time and do you think i will leave without even saying thankyou ? ๐Ÿ˜€
    P.S : many many many thanks to you.

  25. linda says

    does this work ?? (confused)

  26. Alexa C.nelson says

    @linda yes , it worked for me, and by seeing all these thankyou note, seems like it’s working for everyone too.

  27. nova says

    how much LP and Simoleons you guys have managed to hack so far ?? i got 80K ๐Ÿ˜€ LP

  28. synthya says

    honestly, i tried using this hack just by seeing all these comments, and tbh this worked, i was not wrong afterall. thanks for this marvelous hack ! tons of blessing

  29. suzen says

    jesus christ ! this is unbelievable !! i repeat this is unbelievable , most insane working hack of all time , thanks a lot and alot

  30. sophie says

    @suzen does this really worked for you ?? it says sorry try again.

  31. suzen says

    hey @sophie , yes it did worked for me . doesn’t it worked for you ?

  32. sophie says

    well , i tried to use this using just fake information like randomly, and it says sorry, do i need to put my real information ?

  33. suzen says

    ofc we need to put our real inofrmation ๐Ÿ˜€ lol and ya just follow the given steps given in the website. but actually i did have to wait for like 4 minutes once i used this hack.

  34. sophie says

    @suzen, ahh thankyou for the information using it right now…. BTW, how much LP and simoleons did you get ?

  35. suzen says

    @sophie i wish i could show you my screenshot ๐Ÿ˜€ i am literally soooooo freaking rich hahaha. this is super cool hack truely. just try it for yourself, i know you won’t believe me even if i said ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. sophie says

    @suzen ya i was wrong, i just tried and this worked for me too now. thankyou so much for the information.

  37. lisaa says

    umm i live in USA is it working here too ?? is this hack work according to the country >??

  38. lauren says

    @lisaa i don’t know about countries, but i am living in california too , i just tried and it worked out for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. lisaa says

    @lauren , sorry for late response, just got your email regarding this message. i tried yesterday, but it didn’t worked , it says sorry and sorry all the time. but today i genuinely tried this with all my effort and honestly this worked for me. this is one of the working hack ever. thanks for the response ๐Ÿ˜› and yeah thankyou once again.

  40. hannah says

    Hey @lisa , what did you do once you completed an offer ?? like did you get all the simoleons instantly ? or did you wait for it ?

  41. lisaa says

    hannah, yes i did wait for 4-5 minutes , honestly, it was the longest i have waited on internet ๐Ÿ˜€ it was worth it though.

  42. seema says

    @lisa do we need to complete more than one offer ??

  43. Richard says

    @seema i had to complete two offers to work this hack ๐Ÿ™ i don’t know what i did mistake on my first offer. it says sorry and again i tried than it says successful and i opened my game and when i see my money flowing i was shocked.

  44. janet says

    lol, this was easy ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks

  45. paula says

    janet, do we need to complete the task as well ??

  46. janet says

    paula, you mean the verifying things ?

  47. paula says

    um yes janet. in how many times did it worked for you ?

  48. janet says

    the verifying things were easy for me, on a single try it worked for me.. how about you ?

  49. Nelson says

    fucking hell !!!! this is literally soo fucking awesome hack , jesus, this actually did worked. so many thanks ..

  50. ashmi.gautam says

    nelson, how do you activate the hack ? am i missing something here ?

  51. nelson says

    ashmi, hey ๐Ÿ˜€ all i did was just i put my username, email, ph no, and postal code, that was simple for me.

  52. Ashmi.gautam says

    wait that’s it ?? okay i am trying it RN !! thank you nelson..

  53. lorenzo says

    does this really work guys ??

  54. cristia says

    yep, no doubt at all.. this will work smooth ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for this share.

  55. laura says

    i am here to use this hack now I am really happy. truly! thanks a lot. i have got 100000 simoleons and LP .

  56. hailey says

    laura, did you complete the offer once or twice ? cause i had to complete two offers. which sucks !!

  57. laura says

    lol, i just completed 1 offers, and then this worked, i shared it with my friends as well. it’s working for them also. happy that it’s working .

  58. catherine says

    um hey guys, i completed all the steps just as mentioned . but it says sorry why ??

  59. lorenzo says

    catherine, i think, we should start over again ?? like i have the same problem, it says sorry,… will this work or not ? i am still confused .

  60. catherine says

    lorenzo, yes i try again, it still says sorry, is there any alternative ? please reply fast.

  61. lorenzo says

    hold on i will try again, i hope this will work, and let you know okay ?

  62. catherine says

    are you done yet ?? @lorenzo ? please, cause i really need this hack…i want LP and simoleons.

  63. lorenzo says

    hey catherine this is really a good news, mine worked in second try. did you tried again ?

  64. catherine says

    hold on then, i will try once again, i hope this time it will work. please, don’t go anywhere.

  65. lorenzo says

    ya sure, i will be surfing the net, BTW do you use snapchat ? i can send you mine screenshot over there.

  66. catherine says

    finallyyyyyyyy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, just woooooowwww, this is the best day in my life ever. i am soooo rich now. thankyou lorenzo. but i am sorry i can’t share my snapchat username in public.

  67. lorenzo says

    it’s okay. have a good day.

  68. Callista says

    Damn…why I canโ€™t do that… It said โ€œSorry, there are no offers in your region at this time.โ€ Does that mean I canโ€™t do it?

  69. daniel says

    callista ,are you also from 3rd world country ?? feels like racism and sexism.. that really hurts tbh..
    my friend from LA (us) told me this really worked for them.. and i personally msg them.. and they showed me their screenshot … i am freaking jealous… everyday i came here and just wait for the offer to come …

  70. tia says

    daniel. you literally convinced me… this is the awesome hackkk ever…. those offer ?? all i ever did was just put my zip code and my cell no.. and what did i get … jeez honestly…. this is insane.. i am freaking rich now ! i love youuuuuuuu truely..!

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